Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Harnessing the energy of the earth's magnetic field

A friend of mine has built a catalytic hydrogen generator which can produce 720l of hydrogen per minute! 

What is remarkable is not only the rate of production, it is the fact that he is producing it above unity i.e. he is getting far more energy out by burning the hydrogen that is required to generate it. 

This is truly astounding. It is probably as important a breakthrough as the development of the light bulb or something. I still cannot believe it. 

You can read about his project at the following site:

More information about the blacklight hydrogen process can be found at:

Apparently they are able to produce hydrogen with a lover electronic ground state than was previously thought possible. This lowering of the electron's orbital releases a significant amount of energy ! The orbital recovers though as it is exposed to sunlight. 

More information about the toroid magnetic generator has be found at 

Take 2 hours to watch the videos because this is eureka science!!

Have a look because this will fundamentally change the world economy. The solar-hydrogen economy has been replaced with the geomagnetic-hydrogen economy. Nothing like this has ever been done!!!

I will try to arrange for a demonstration sometime later this semester if you want?


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Climate change at Nature

The following sites are an awesome resource for information about
climate change:



I have saved hundreds of thousands of web pages I found interesting on
my notebook. If you want to copy them instead of taking the effort to
go find them online, bring your flashdisk and I can copy it for you.


Bushmeat ban would have dire effects

The report finds that conservation strategy for African game could be
counterproductive. You can read it at:


Ecosystem CO2 uptake

There is an incredibly good article about a study of ecosystem CO2
uptake available at http://www.nature.com/nature/index.html

Double trouble for Nepal's tigers

An article about Nepal's Tigers is available at http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/7607203.stm

Wild fungi: delicious or deadly?

An article about harvesting wild mushrooms is available at


Oceans are 'too noisy' for whales

An article about the effect of noise on whales is available at the
following url:


Calls for bushmeat ban rejected

There is an article about the use of bushmeat in Africa available at:


UK seeking CO2 trading increase

An article about emissions trading is available at


Tip number 141: Buy second-hand

Instead of always buying new items for your home, think about visiting
markets, second-hand stores and car boot or garage sales. You may pick
up a few bargains and at the same time contribute to reducing waste.

Taken from '1001 little ways to save the planet' by Esme Floyd

Monday, September 8, 2008

Tip number 157: Welcome the wind

Many products can cause air pollution to build up in your home,
including modern cleaners, which contain strong chemicals. Make sure
you ventilate your home well, ensuring a through-flow of air to help
reduce pollution levels and encourage good ventilation.

Taken from '1001 little ways to save our planet' by Esme Floyd