Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Green daily blog

I found a awesome blog on environmentalism. You can visit it at www.greendaily.com/

The site gets regularly updated and is highly informative. Go have a look.

Hp's plans to fix the planet

Hp has some strange ideas on how the environmental problems we face can be saved. One idea is building a information network connected to billions of sensors to as it were make the planet 'aware' of its problems. Information can then be used to fix problems.

Read the full article at BBC here

Dell Studio Hybrid

Dell has just released a tiny little desktop computer called the Studio Hybrid. The little pc takes up very little space and uses far less energy than some other desktops on the market. It has been designed to be easily recycled and even ships with a recycling kit. The bamboo option also takes 'biodegradable' technologies to the next level. The little pc packs a intel core 2 duo processor, 4gb of ram, 320gb harddrive and wireless networking to connect to its peripherals.

Dell Studio Hybrid site

Tips for eco friendly living

The tips given under this heading come from a book entitled "1001 little ways to save our planet" and was written by Esme Floyd. The book is definitely worth getting.

5 Dust your bulbs
Keeping light bulbs clean will increase their lifespan and efficiency. Dirty light bulbs do not shine as brightly as clean bulbs and heat up, reducing its lifespan.